Tank Abbott's "Cage Fighter" (Befor There Were Rules 3)

The final novel in Tank Abbott's "Before There Were Rules" trilogy about the early days of mixed martial arts sees bar brawler Walter Foxx joining the world of cage fighting after a series of pulse-pounding street fights and close brushes with the law that nearly lead him back to jail. Just as it seems that his goal is within reach, however, it is plucked from his grasp by NHB promoter Bart Shady, who vows that Walter will never fight in the Pentagon. With no past to fall back on and no future to look forward to Walter returns to a life of retribution - punishing the scumbags, posers, and bullies of the world. When all seems lost, though, his unrelenting battle for personal honor leads him to an unlikely alliance and a last-ditch chance at redemption.

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